Monday, February 4, 2008


Paris was definitley a huge adventure! And it is also probably one of the groassest citys in the world. The first day of our trip we had to be to the train station by 9:30 pm and we left a little earlier so that we could stop by some major Harry Potter sites like platform 9 3/4 and we got to see the bridge that Harry and Hagrid walk on with the big clock in the back ground. When we got on the train I sat by my friend Rebecca and we were in the very back row. The Chunnel is what it is called and it goes under the ocean for about 20 minutes. We were only allowed to pack our back packs because the last day that we would be in Paris we would have to carry all our luggage around Paris. When we got to Paris we were able to pick the people that we wanted to room with and I chose my friends Rebecca and Kate. As we walked up to our room we opened the door and just about fell on the floor laughing at the sight of our room. It was two bright orange twin beds with a bunk bed over top. The room was about the size of a closet. We called it the Brady Bunch room. After unpacking all of our luggage we went to Sacre Couer. It is a large cathedral that looks like Aladins palace. One of the girls told me that it is about 290 stairs to the felt like alot more then that, but the view was worth it. As we started climbing the stairs we saw a big group of African guys coming up to us. They followed us asking us to let them tie a bracelet on our wrists. After they were done they asked us to pay 5 euros for it and we reminded them that we had no money and offered to give the bracelets back to them, they were mad and told us to keep them. They are the bracelets with string that you have to make a wish before you tie it off. So we all got matching bracelets our first day there. After that we went to Mouline Rouge, I was thinking that it was going to be a groass place in Paris just from the movie description but it was a huge tourist place. There are a few girls in my group that wanted to buy some lingerie in Paris so we went to a few shops around there ad then we went to the Eiffel Tower! It is amazing and alot bigger then I was expecting it to be. We walked around it for a while and then these little white lights turned on all over the tower and it started sparkling for about 20 minutes! It was so beautiful! We found a cute little crepe restaurant around the tower that this little French lady owned. I got the Hawaiian crepe and she made them for all of us by her self. It was a really fun meal for our first time in Paris. She had one son that helped her out by setting the table and everything but you could tell that she was so happy to have us there.
We took the Metro home that night and can I tell you that it is really groass. I dont like to touch the handlebars because who knows what kinds of germs are all over that thing. The French dont believe in a certain thing called boundaries. They will push and shove you all over the place on the Metro and they are rude about it. There was a woman on the Metro that heard my friend and I talking in English and I heard her say to her husband "Stupid American." My friend and I just looked at eachother and it took all we could muster not to laugh.
When we got off the metro at our stop we have to walk through this mall to get to our hotel and there were these black guys standing outside talking and they looked at me and said "Je Ve Bien?" Which means "Are you good" well what I didnt know is that he was asking me if I was good to have sex!" I said "yes (Bien)" I had no idea what I had said to him and then we started yelling back to my friend Brittany and I and we just kept walking away from them. The French language can be so complicated! It was a really interesting experience.
In our room that night as we were getting ready for bed it was a whole night of comedy. The room was really nasty and the blankets had hair and stuff all over them. My friend Kate slept on the top bunk and she sat up in her bed and told me to go get her a tissue because she had a booger on her bed! We were all laughing so hard and the funnest part was that she just picked it off with a tissue and then went back to sleep because she was so tired. She didnt even care what she was sleeping in . That was our first day in Paris!

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