Friday, February 8, 2008


Hello once again! This week has been really busy just with Oxford and then I went to a play called "The Woman in Black" It was so scary! It is about this man that has a night mare about a certain incident that happened in his life and in order to get rid of this nightmare he makes it into a play. He wants to share it with everyone so that he can some how get rid of it. The nightmare is about this woman that lives in this old house on a marshy foggy island of of England and her ghost still haunts the house. The man goes to the house and see's the woman in black and so that is what the play is about. But my friends and I were screaming the entire time and I was so scared that the woman was just going to pop up in the audience so I had to keep my feet off the floor as well. THE BEST PLAY EVER! That night my friend Meg and I waited up until 3 am to dress all in black and then we went up stairs and crawled on the floor of Kates room and jumped up and scared her....she didnt think that it was that funny. She was really scared of the play so our plan didnt go over very well with her, but we also went to Liz's room and we crawled up the stairs because she is on the 5th floor and she thought some psycho was creeping up her stairs...she about had a heart attack it was so funny.
Yesterday I went to the tower of London to take some pictures for an assignment and on the way I stopped off at this book store and I bought a few really good books. In the mornings I really like going running and I go to Hyde Park. there are alot of people walking their dogs and there is a lake with ducks and other birds everywhere. It is so green here! Today I walked farther into Hyde Park and I found this place where it looks like Spring has sprung! The flowers were everywhere! Red, purple, pink and yellow. The grass is bright green and the trees have all their leaves on them. It didnt look at all like it is February here. The Peter Pan statue is also there along with the Princess Diana memorial fountain which is huge. I love to go there.

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Nannette said...

Hi Hannah,
I loved reading about your experiences. I love London. What a great time you are having. I know Grandma Neubert would love to read your blog but her computer will only read to her e-mail to her. Maybe you could copy and paste your enrties in a e-mail and send them to her that way. I know she would love to hear about your experience. Have a great week. Thanks for sharing. I put your blog in my "favorites" so I can check it every once in a while. Love you sooooo much!

Aunt Nan