Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hampton Court!


Today is another "away" trip from the center. We normally go somewhere in England on Wednesdays and Hampton Court was a really great place to go. We started out the day at about 9am and were divided into groups of 4 because that was how we got discounts for our train tickets. I was in a group with Kate, Aimee and Emily. Then once we got to Hampton Court we met up with Kate and Mike to look around the palace. This is the palace where Henry the 8th lived and we heard alot of cool stories about Kathrine and how he found out that she was having an affair and so he had his guards drag her down the hall screaming. We got to see that hall! The palace was amazing and we got to see inside all of the rooms. We also went out into the garden where there were these really cool trees and the guard told us that if we come back in the spring the trees pollinate so much that they look like they are on fire!
The fog was horrible that morning so that put a damper on our plans, but while we were inside the palace the fog started to clear up so by the time that we went out to the gardens we could see everything. We also went through this maze that is really famous there and we actually did get lost considering how small it was. There is was jsut alot of fog so you really couldnt see where you were going.
We started to get extremely cold by the end and some of our friends had to be back for dinner crew so we decided to leave around 3pm. But it was definitly a great trip.

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