Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I got to see WICKED!!!

This week has been so incredible! It all started with monday...I had class and that wasnt very exciting because I have class from 1-4 pm and then dinner is at 5 pm and then right after dinner we have Family Home Evening for about 2 hours. So I spend alot of my day inside on mondays. So right after dinner I went and explored in the park for an hour and I took some really cool pictures of the Kensington Gardens. There was an old man that was feeding all of these squirrels and they would just eat right out of his hand. At family home evening we went to my proffesors flat, the Ostraffs. We played this game called "In the manner of the adverb" and it was so fun. The object of the game is to act out a certain adverb and the main person is supposed to figure out what adverb you are acting out. It was so fun and then we have muffins after.

Tuesday I woke up and had breakfast and then I was hopeing that I would be able to go running in the park. The park is beautiful! All of the flowers are blooming the grass is so green with swans and ducks swimming in the pond/lake in the gardens. It is the best run. Well tuesday morning I found out that some people were going to get "Wicked" tickets and I really wanted to go so I scratched my run for the day and went to the box office with Rebecca, Mike and Michelle. We asked the woman at the office if we could get student tickets for the show that night and she told us that we could but the only problem was that we needed to buy two other tickets for Kate and Kristen who needed to be there to show their student ID in order to buy a student ticket. So we asked her if there were any seats available for cheap that we could get with out a student discount and she sold us 6 tickets for the FRONT ROW OF WICKED!!! And this is the best...we got them for the same price as the student tickets, 25 pounds! That night when we were getting ready for it my friend Rocky is a make up artist and she did my make up incredible for that night also she let me borrow this really pretty black dress and this huge diamond neklace. I felt so dressed up for the night and it was so fun! My friend Kate also got her make up done so we looked fabulous! When we got to Wicked the outside is exactly how I imagined broadway! The screen was all lit up with the big Wicked sign out front that we took pictures of. When we walked into find our seats we looked around us and the theater was huge! And we walked all the way to the front row in the middle!!! It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my whole life! I will never be able to describe the energy that I saw on that stage. I could see the spit coming out of their mouths when they would sing and what made it so amazing is that I could see their facial expressions while they sang. That was probably the most exciting, incredible thing I have seen here since I have been in London! Nothing beats Wicked on the front row!

After the musical we wanted to get the stars to sign our books but we couldnt find them and so as we were walking away we saw this random door with some people walking out of it, and I GOT ALL OF THEM TO SIGN MY PROGRAM!!! And I got pictures with all of them! I am just so excited right now I cant even explain.

Today we had to wake up at 7am because we went to Windsor Palace. It started out a not very fun morning because we stopped at this place where they have a commemoration for the Magna Carta and I will tell you that it was the longest walk in the mud and nobody warned us to wear rain boots, we were all covered in mud and I eventually got to a point where after we saw the commemoration some people wanted to walk farther in the mud and I just turned around and went back to the bud, Alot of people gave up because it was just too cold and muddy to walk any more. When everyone got back on the bus we hit the road to Windsor. As we were pulling into the city the view was so cool! There is this road called the "Long walk" where you can walk up to the palace gate but we just drove all the way to the top because it really is too long. We were able to get Audio guides that took us through the castle and they were a huge help. They told us where all of the Royal families are burried and it took us through all of the rooms and explained what happend in each room. As we were leaving we took some pictures out side of the castle jumping in the air and that took FOREVER!! Try getting 40 girls happy about taking one pictures (we had to do so many retakes!)

After the castle we loaded back onto the bus and went to this church called Poke Stoges to see the grave of Thomas Grey the writer. That wasnt the most exciting part. The best for me was to see the view on the other side of the church. The view is of this enormous pond/lake and this huge mansion that was filmed in the movie James Bond! The new one! It is the one of the golf course so if you remember that part, I got to see it!

We were all pretty burt out from the day so after that we went home and had waffles for dinner! Not just ordinary ones they were already cooked in tons of sugar. I didnt have any because seriously I could not have that for dinner so my friends Kate and I just had left overs from the night before. Any way that was my week so far I know it was really long but it has been amazing!

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