Monday, February 25, 2008

Last day in Scotland!

This is the last day of our trip and I will tell you that I am so excited to go back to London. I have realized through my travels here in Europe that the French (at least in Paris) are grouchy, People in London are friendly, but the people in Scotland are really really friendly. The Scottish people are just alot more laid back then alot of the other people.

We started the day at 8am and slowly got out of bed to have breakfast and pack to go home. I had bought a banana and a granola bar the day before so we just hung out at the hostel for breakfast that morning as we packed. The girl in the bunk below me (Brittnee) bought bagpipes and was trying to figure out that morning how she was going to get them home. We were all so tired from our hike in the rain so we were in no hurry to get up that morning. My feet hurt so bad because I had hiked in my rain boots and those were the only shoes that I had brought for the trip. So I was starting to form blisters even though I was wearing all of the socks that I had brought (which was 5 pairs). That morning I put on all of the clothes that I had brought (which wasnt much) and this made it alot lighter for my back pack. I am sure that I smelled really good wearing all of my dirty clothes, I felt like a home less person.

We made our way back out of the hostel and we wanted to go back to a few shops before we left for the plane. The gypsy store was at the top of our list and I bought a journal there.

Some of the girls wanted to go to the Edinburgh University to see what the college looked like so we made our way down there. It was really old looking and we came across the school library, the sign to it read "Library Pub." I have never heard a library being at a bar but that is just the way that they do it in Scotland I guess. We also made our way up to the English department and were able to see some of the papers that students have written that were graded by their instructors. They were extremely harsh and I realized then and there that I was not cut out to be a student at a university like that.

On our way closer to the bus station to catch our plane, we made a quick stop to the national gallery of Scotland. I bought a childrens book that has scottish words in it, its called "Katie goes to Grandpa's Ferm" I had to buy it!

For lunch we went to this place called "Chocolate Soup" They have chocolate pancakes and they really do have chocolate soup! I just got a sandwich because obviously I needed somthing more then just a melted down candy bar. But the place was so fun! We were trying to kill some time so we were in that restaurant for about an hour. Once we finally had the energy to walk again we headed up towards this hillside that has a bunch of old Roman ruins. We stopped on the way at this really neat graveyard and took some pictures there.
When we got to the Roamn Ruins it was a great way to end our trip to Scotland. The weather was beautiful and the view was almost as incredible as the view from Arthers Seat.
This is actually a great view of Arthers seat from the hill of the ruins.
We finally made it to the bus station to catch it over to the airport. And once we got to the airport we met the rest of our group and talked about the great time that we had in Scotland as we waited to get on our plane.

When we got home I found out that the heater to our shower was broken, I know, Great thing to come home to right? I am so mad and tired and cold that I just went and got in the shower any way and it was so cold that the soap just froze to my skin, I dont even know how clean I actually even got but it felt alot better after I was out. That is the end of my trip to Scotland!

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