Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Today was our last day in Paris and I am so glad! It has been amazing but I can honestly say that I have done everything possible in Paris that there is to do. Verssailles would be fun again in the summer but that would be the only thing. Last night was so cold that I slept with my coat on again and it was so hard for me to wak up this morning. My friend Kate sat up in her bed and said to me in a sleepy voice " I am not going anywhere today!" And then she went back to her bed and she whined about how she didnt want to go back out into the rain again today. We were all complaining but it was so funny. We had breakfast and then we had our last meeting together before we would meet at the train station that night.
Last night we went to this Lingerie store and I think that I left my back of suvineers there and they got stollen because I couldnt find them anywhere that night. I was really mad about it but at the same time I am thankful that it wasnt my wallet or anything like that. The stuff in the bag was replaceable and it was only about $11 so that was better then a huge amount of stuff. Today I replaced it all anyway.
We went to the biggest graveyard in all of Paris today and it was so cool and creepy! We got to see Mozarts grave and the rain was coming down like crazy, it was a great place to play hide and seek!
After that we went to this place called the Pomedu. It is a modern art museum and the building itself is the best part. All of the piping is on the outside of the building. So my friend Kendra and I just wanted to see the outside and that was it and then we went over to this museum called the Rodin Museum. It is actually in Rodins house, he was a sculpture (the creator of the Kiss and the Thinker) both were amazing to see!
After the museum we went to the Orangerie with Kate, Rebecca and Mike to see Monets paintings of the lilly pads. He told the Museum that they could display them if they displayed them in Oval rooms and that is what we saw. When we would go in these museums they have a "cloak room" and you can take them your back packs and coats...its so nice because we had so much stuff!
After that we went back to Socra Couer to get some suvineers and get rid of the rest of our Euros. At 6:30 pm we headed to the train station and we stayed there until we left. There was not anything left to do in Paris! We were done!

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