Sunday, February 24, 2008

1st full day in Scotland!

When we got to Scotland we got off the bus and headed to the bathroom to brush our teeth and get ready for a long day of walking around the city. I had my worn my pajama's on the bus and so when I put on my clothes that took a whole lot of weight out of my backpack. I only took one pair of pants for the trip and two shirts. That is about all I could take in my back pack...this was a very "light" trip. We had packed breakfast in London so we didnt have to buy anything when we got ot Scotland, so we had our breafast and headed out into the rainy city.
The first stop was to follow the group to help them check into their hostel. We had a really great walk past the national gallery and the Edinburgh castle to get to the hostel. As we walked there the wind was blowing like crazy and we could barely hold our ground.
This is Kendra and I out side the hostel, we took a bunch of pictures and this is the best one that turned out...we look really good huh!
After going to the hostel we went to the castle that you see in the back groud of the picture, The Edinburgh castle!
We got to see alot of cool things like the crown jewles and the castle has an amazing view that looks over the enire city. There were also doors that were on display in glass cases from the prison. It had carvings in it from the prisoners that stayed there. then there are also the canons that are always fun to see.

After the castle we decided that we needed a break and honestly I will admit that we were feeling a little tired seeing as that I hadnt had that good a night of sleep and we were just really tired from traveling so we went to a small pub to get some hot chocolate and we ended up running into Anna Gordon, Andrea, and Erin. They were having a really great meal of Haggis and black pudding. (Really groas Scottish food)
While we were there I had the feeling that it would probably be easier on Kendra if I just took Aimees place at the hostel and let her stay with Kendra at her friends house. They were planning on going on a bus tour through Locness (?) the next day and it would just be a hassle if we had to figure out where I would go for the day, so I just let them go do their thing and I stayed with Anna and the girls that we saw at the pub. It turned out to be a really good idea and I was glad that I did that.

The hot chocolate at the pub was AMAZING! They served it with a chocolate bar in it with whip cream covered on top!

After the pub Anna, Andrea and Erin decided that we should start by walking down this famous street called "The royal mile" It is like a main street with tons of gift shops, a total tourist trap, kilts are sold around every corner. We found this really fun Indian shop that sold some really fun head bands and books and stuff with beads all over it. Anna called it the Gypsy store and the joke the whole time we were in Scotland was that we were "The three Gypsys." She gave us all names, Anna-Arrabella, me-gabriella and Andrea-Esmarelda. Yes I know what you are thinking, we were extremely tired! But the streets ends at Parlament and then we took a right and went down a street called "Princes Street." This was really fun but the shops that they had were nothing unusual, it looked alot like the shops that I see here in London like "Top shop" and "H&M" So we didnt spend much time there. It started to get dark and so we decided to go out to dinner and this place called "Yum Yum" It was a little place by our hostel that sold anything from Pizza and sandwiches to fish and chips. I got the fish and chips for 3 pounds! It was very exciting because the cheapest that I have seen it about 7 pounds for that so I was really happy about that. When it hits around 6 pm in Europe there isnt much to do after that besides pubs so we headed back to our hostel to get a good nights rest. Anna and Andrea were so funny the whole night. We tried to keep eachother awake late enough so that we could get a good nights sleep. We were all ready to go to bed at 7pm which wouldnt have been good, but we were so tired. Each room at the hostel had a certain name and theme to the room. Our room was themed after an old childrens book called "Mr. Men" I was Mr. happy. There was also Mr.strong, Mr. grumpy and several others. But the other part of our group stayed in the "Happy days" room. It was great!

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toddkmack said...

Sounds like a great time. So are you going to go to Loch Ness? I think it would be super-cool - it's actually a secret desire of mine to go there. Keep the pictures coming.