Monday, February 4, 2008

2nd day in Paris!

Today is the 20th of January and I am completely exhausted from walking around yesterday. Our hotel room is freezing cold so I wore my coat to bed. The heater in our room works but not very well. That morning I woke up at 7:30 am to take a shower (we have mold dripping from our sealing when it gets too steamy in side) so that I could have an early breakfast before we left to walk around the city again. For breakfast at the hotel they have, bread...bread and more bread. Oh and cheese! But no fruit of veggies. They also serve hot chocolate for breakfast with chocolate toast. No body brought blow dryers or straight irons for their hair so we had to go all natural every day that we are there.
We had so many people in my group that day that every one was onry. So many people wanted to do different things and its hard to please 11 girls in Paris so we had to find a way to separate. That morning we went to the San Chappel. It is the cathedral with all of this beautiful stained glass on the top room of the building. My friends Michelle and I thought that it would be funny to talk like British people, and see who could go the longest. We did it for about 3 hours. We went through security and everything at the cathedral like that. It was so funny. After we walked back down the stairs in the cathedral we realized that we had lost two of our girls... Laurie Rocky Rane and Erin. They kind of wandered off and so we spent an hour looking for them.
After we found them we went to Notre Dame Cathedral! It was amazing and no we didnt ever see Quasimodo. But we did climb up to the bell tower. The stairs to the top seemed never ending. It was a spiral staircase in a tower that we had to climb up and you could never see the end so it just kept going. When we got to the top we saw the most incredible view of Paris. You could see the Eiffel tower and Sucre Couer. There was a perminant fog over the city and the limb to the top was totally worth it.
When we came back down there was a little art store where I bought some prints of different sites that I went to that day and I bought the most amazing ham and cheese crepe that they made right in front of me at this stand.
We continued on to the Pantheon that was massive! The French people call it "The temple of the Nations." We decided to draw inside for a while to get some hours in for my art class. When we walked out of the building it started to get really cold so we stopped at this small pasterie place and had some treats. These little French kids heard us speaking English and decided that it would be funny to mock us about our language. So they started singing and we realized that they were singing high school musical. It was so funny we started laughing with them and then they went away.
That night we went to this mall in Paris that is a huge designer place. The clothes were extremely expensive so I went outside to look at some of the stands on the road side. I bought some perfume at a small stand for 10 euros! It was a steal, and the Perfume is calle "Jerdin de Paris!"
We finally decided to leave at 7 pm because we were so tired before we went to the hotel we made a stop at this grocery store and I bought some French candy, they are small coke cola bottles that taste just like the real thing!

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