Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bus ride to Scotland

Today we left on a bus for Scotland but that is just the smallest part of the night. It all started with our trip that morning to Hampton Court that I have shown you pictures on, that was on wednesday morning and the weather was freezing cold so we left early that morning to go back to our flat to pack for our trip to Scotland. At 9:30 pm we left for the bus, Me, Kate, Rebecca, Amanda and Lindsay to meet the rest of the group. We left with just our back packs and Mike is the one that had bought the tickets for all of us so we left with him (he is a really good leader, we tend to just follow him around half the time.) The plan was that I would stay with Kendra at her friends house in Edinburgh so as I look around at the bus station I dont see her or Aimee there. I started to panic...we all did because they had left a half an hour before us and it isnt that hard to find the bus station so we thought somthing had happend to them. We started loading on the bus and I am starting to get really nervous because I havnt made a reservation at a hotel or hostel. I figured though if Aimee missed the bus with Kendra I could just use her reservation at the hostel so I did at least have an option. Right as the bus driver starts up to leave I look out the window and I see 2 girls running down the hall of the bus station. They made it at the last minute! What happend is that they got on the wrong tube, they went to Earls court tube station instead of Victoria. We were so happy that we didnt have to call the center to tell the directors that we had lost 2 girls and we hadnt even made it to Scotland yet. That wouldnt have been good.
As we got on the bus I found my way to the back, Lindsay and I sat together right infront of these guys from Scotland. They looked like they were in a band or somthing because they had guitars and stuff and they looked like they had some to drink as well so I thought about how long the bus ride would be with these guys talking behind me the whole way. Luckily my friend Kate that sat in front of me had a Lunesta sleeping pill and I took one of them. After 20 minutes I was out! Those 9 hours on the bus flew by because I was completely unconcious the whole time.

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