Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Week of Plays!!!

On Thursday night I had bought tickets for this show called "Into the Hoods," it was a really cool hip hop dance show based on the play "Into the woods." The dancers were amazing and they got the audience standing and dancing through out the show. Also when we first got there, paparazzi were everywhere out front because it was "Gala night" ( I think that is what it is called) but it was a fundraiser night for a bunch of British celebrities and so we got to be in a bunch of pictures in the the back ground, it was really cool!
This has been a really eventful day. It started off with Tori Walters and I planning to go to Brighton for the day, but the rain got to be too much and we decided that we should just go another day. So we went out and got tickets to STOMP with Meg Conrnelius and Rocky Rane. We were so excited that we got tickets, because in London it is almost impossible to get tickets to anything on a Friday night. So as Tori and I are walking through Convent Garden looking in shops I see the theater sign for the play Chicago, and I told her how I really wanted to see it but no body would go with me. She told me that she would go with me because she really wanted to see it here. So we decided to go see what would be the best day to see it for a reasonable price and they said that they had a matinee at 4pm on the 4th row available for that same day. So we ended up buying the tickets and had to rush home to get ready for the two plays that we were going to see on the same day! We were both so excited, and in the rush of the excitement a few things started to go wring. Tori had bought an extra ticket for Anna Gordon because we thought that she might want to go, and she did but an hour after we told her that we had a ticket for her she told us that she didnt want to go any more and so we left it up to her to find someone to take the ticket. Tori was upset because if Anna didnt show up then Tori would be out $40. So that was kind of stressful but I knew that Anna would get someone to go. Then as we were on the tube going to Chicago I realized that we forgot to sign out of the book at my apartment. My professors are really strict about people signing in the book if you are going somewhere after 5pm and we had forgot so that was nerve racking too! It was alot of stuff just going wrong but in all honesty we didnt let it affect our amazing time at the play.

After Chicago we ran over to the theater for STOMP to meet Meg and Rocky and the mystery girl who took Anna's ticket. There were 5 minutes till the show started and the girls finally showed up. Erin was first. She told us that Rocky and Meg had left her so she was really confused why they werent there yet. And so we were really concerned that they were going to miss the show. Just as the lights dimmed I saw the girls running to their seats, everyone had made it!

Stomp was amazing, the people came out on stage with garbage cans, lighters, pipes, and sinks that they got the audience wet with! It was great.

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