Sunday, March 23, 2008



Hello everyone and Happy Easter! Today was a freezing cold day in London and I think it was one of the coldest days I have had here so far. This morning when we went to church there were huge snow flakes falling everywhere and the tube station was closed on the district line (which is the one that we normally take to church). So we had to take the bus which wasn't to bad we just had to wake up a little earlier then we wanted to. Megan Perry and I both spoke today in our ward, it was a really good sacrament because two of the girls in my young women's have incredible voices and so they sang a song and then Megan and I had to speak after them which was really hard to follow because the whole congregation was in tears for the song that the girls were singing. Our building was freezing cold and the heater wasn't on in our classroom for young women's so the elders brought in heaters and we sat in a circle like it was a camp fire. For the past few weeks after church we have been trying our hardest to make it to the tram station on time because if we are even a second late to make the tram we have to wait another 20 minutes before another one comes. Last week we didn't even have time to buy our tickets for the tram and luckily they didn't check to see if any had their tickets. So today we ran to the tram station and there was one minute left before the tram came, once again we didn't have enough time to buy all four of our tickets so we just got on the tram and hoped that they wouldn't catch us again. Which they didn't so that was good. Tonight for dinner the Schuellers (the director of the program and his family) made us ham and cheesy potatoes, and then we had a raffle for a bunch of British chocolate! Every body got some thing but it was really fun. The only problem with today is that my professors have planned for us to do our religion class tonight, I have no idea why they would want to do that on Easter but I have to go to that and take a quiz. Mom I took a picture in front of my flat with my new skirt on. I remembered that we always take pictures in front of our house on Easter and Christmas so I did that for you. And here are a few pictures of my flat and kitchen duty that I had last week. Happy Easter everyone!

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