Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weekend trip to Stonehendge and more!

WOW! This week has been filled to the max with sitting on a bus and site seeing to absolutely everywhere. We started our trip with breakfast at 7am and I was on kitchen crew so I had to help clean up before we headed out to the bus. We pre-made lunches and I made two sandwiches this time because I had no idea if we would be stopping for dinner. Most of the other people had that same idea in mind. So after we packed our lunches we headed out to the bus. Anna Gordon and I sat together. This was great because the majority of the time on the bus we fell asleep and we were able to sleep on each other during the ride. The only complaint that I had about our bus ride was that the driver made a comment for everything that we passed and the speakers were so loud that you couldn't block him out with music on your head phones. Alot of the girls started quote books on the bus for the comments that he would say because he was so random with what he said. One of the things that he said was "We as humans do not own the road... the ponies do, so please stay out of their way." How random is that. It had nothing to do with what we were looking at out side. But that is how the entire drive was.

We started the trip with a 2 hour drive to Bath. This is where the Roman Baths were and we got to take an audio tour through them. They even sold warm Bath water for you to drink. After the tour we went to this milk shake shop called "Shake-Away" They are so good, I got a hot chocolate and they even served hot milkshakes. It was just a fun treat to get before we had to get back on the bus for another two hours.

After another 2 hours we went to the Moor (Large rock). It looked exactly like it would have been off of Lord of the Rings.
There were also these wild ponies when we got off and we took a bunch of pictures with them. One of them charged after my friend Anna when she went to take a picture with it, the ears pinned back and it started chasing after. I have never seen her so scared for her life. The view was amazing from the top and it was a great time for us to stretch our legs before we headed to Exeter where our hostel was.

Well I can now say that I have had my first taste of Alcohol. Yes I know what you are all thinking. Well it was exactly that. We checked in and then we ordered pizza. My professors told the guy at the hostel that they wanted to order drinks but Non Alcoholic. So when the drinks came out there was a bunch of orange soda and lemonade and I got the elder flower. But before I got the elder flower I got the orange soda. On the front of the bottle it said that it contained Alcohol in extremely fine print and it was so funny because most of our group had already finished theirs. My professors about died and tried to get everyone to stop drinking. After we got Pizza we went back to our room and we all talked for a long time and went to sleep because we still had a big day ahead of us for the next day. It was really hard to sleep that night also because the heater was up on high and we couldn't figure out how to turn it down so we opened the window and it cooled down a little but it was miserable at first.

For breakfast at the hostel we had a traditional English breakfast with eggs toast sausage baked beans and croissants. Then they had cereals and stuff like that. We got on the bus and had a two hour drive to Stourhead. It was the most beautiful place I have ever been too. If you all want to have a really good look at how pretty it is. Watch Pride and Prejudice and watch the scene where Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth (Kiera Knightly) are fighting and it is raining. They are in a big pavilion. YES, that is exactly where I went! It was amazing and it was just fun because we got to walk around the lake and take tons of pictures. Anna and I met this older couple taking a stroll through the garden and they told us that they lived in a cottage just up the road and they loved living there. We were really sad to leave there because that was probably one of the funnest places that we have been the entire trip.

Stone Hendge was the next stop on our list and it was about 2 hours away from that. I thought that it would be allot bigger then it really is but it was still a cool experience to see. They have it roped off so we weren't able to go very close to the rocks but we still got some really cool pictures of it.

On the way home we made a stop to Salisburry Cathedral. It was huge and we were able to take a tour inside. It was a really quick stop because we had to get home before dark so after that we got back on the bus for another 2 hour ride home. The trip was so fun and I am so glad that we went.

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