Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kent Coutryside Hike!

The week after I had arrived in London the stake President of Hyde park came to speak to the students here at the center. This is when we were assigned to our wards and given callings. While he was speaking to us he told us of a hike that we would be able to participate in not to far into the future of our stay here in London. We thought that we still had a long time before the hike seeing as that it would have been 2 months from the time that he spoke to us...well it has been two months since I have been here and the hike finally arrived.

Some of us weren't sure if we wanted to do it because it was 9 miles long, but he had told us that it would be through the country side in Kent England. Also we would have to wake up at 6am which didn't sound very fun. I wanted to be able to experience everything I could in England so I woke up at the crack of dawn and took a cold shower (the heater is still broken). We had breakfast from 7-8am and we left at 7:45am for the train station. It was about an hour and a half train ride outside of London and the scenery on the way was incredible, rolling green hills!

When we arrived we started out the walk at this church and we stopped and took some pictures. The entire hike I could never justify in pictures because it was absolutely breathe taking. We walked passed a river with ducks swimming it it and there were green vines hanging from the trees. We also saw alot of people taking "strolls" through the country side on their horses. There was a little cottage that we stopped at that sold frozen fruit. This store was in the middle of no where and they had the cutest little tea sets and lots of fresh, frozen and dried fruit. I bought a tea set there. I couldn't believe it because the price was amazing for it, the only problem is that that I was hiking...You will be happy to know that I made it home with the entire tea set not broken. We had to walk through this little town to get to the train and every house that we passed had a family name and then the word cottage after it, so for example (Neubert cottage). The town was so old and cute. I loved the walk and I am so glad that I went because it was beautiful!We also stopped at this old castle in the town, most of it was torn down but the outside walls were still up so we had a really nice lunch in the middle of it. The wind started to pick up and we got kind of cold towards the end so we left and continued our walk around the country side.

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