Thursday, March 27, 2008

This was kind of a random trip because we were actually suppose to take a trip to Liverpool and Preston over a period of 4 days but we had some weather difficulties and the trip had to be canceled. Alot of people were really upset because this was a trip that alot of the students were planning on going to, but with a huge snow storm up north it just wasnt possible. So our professors gave us the option of going up to Liverpool for just the day on Wednesday. It would cost us 40 pounds to get there so the trip wasnt going to be cheap but I decided that there was just alot in Liverpool to see and what better way to spend the money then taking a trip there, after all it is the home to the Beatles!
The trip started at 7am when our bus came to pick us up. There was only about 15 out of the 40 of us that went to Liverpool so the bus wasnt very big this time. We each got our own row so that was a nice bonus for the 4 hour ride that was ahead of us. Most of us slept the entire way and when we got to Liverpool alot of us were questioning whether it was the best thing to spend our money on. It was pouring down rain and the city looked really modern. Not like I expected it to be. We were all trying to think positive but it just wasnt working. Then when we got out of the bus we stopped next to this dock with boats all along it and this little yellow boat called "The Yellow Duck Marine" came right around the corner. It was so funny, it is one of those boats that can drive on land and then float right on the water. It reminded me of Alaska because there were so many tourist boats like that there.

We made our first stop in this Beatles gift shop and this is where our day got so much better. Obviously you can see by the glasses that we are wearing. Once we saw those in the gift shop we knew that we had to have them for the day!

After we got the glasses we went to the Merrytime Museum. It had a whole section for the ship the Titanic because most of the people working on the Titanic were from Liverpool and the ship the rescued the survivors was from Liverpool. The Titanic was also designed in Liverpool and I didnt know that so it was really interesting. And they had a bunch of Artifacts from the ship. The rest of the museum had a section for slavery and the Navy. It was kind of a random museum and I am not sure how all of these things play together but I learned alot.

The sun started to clear up by this time so we decided to go find this brand new Beatles hotel that has taken 5 years to build. They had statues of them on top of the hotel. It was really cool to see, and on the way there we stopped at this really yummy doughnut stand. The guy made them right on the spot for us, they were the best ones I have every had.

We started to make our way down to the ferry where we got on and took a ride around to the other side of the city. It was about a 50 minute boat ride and really fun because we got to see more of Liverpool then we would have if we just stayed where all the tourist stuff was.

After our boat ride we went to take pictures at the Queen Victoria monument where there were all of these gross construction workers so we didnt stay very long.

We then headed back to the gift shop by our bus to pick up a few more things and some lunch and then we headed back to London for the rest of the day. It was a really great trip and I am so glad that I went!

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