Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oxford v. Cambridge Football Game

Sorry, I was suppose to post these pictures a long time ago and I just havnt had the time this week.

On saturday we got tickets to the Oxford v. Cambridge football game! The tickets were really cheap and we had to go to a real football game while we were in England so what better game then the two top univeristy rivals in England! Seeing as that we are huge Oxford fans we all decided to wear our Oxford t-shirts and I wore my sweat shirt.

The weather was really bad and rainy that day and it had been one of the coldest days that we have had in a long time, but we went to the game around 12pm and we got seats right up close to the grass (which we loved) but then the rain started to come in hard side ways and we got soaked so we had to move up higher into the building. But when Oxford scored their first goal we jumped up and started screaming and cheering and as we looked around us we realized that no one was cheering with us. Just when Cambridge scored their first goal. The entire crowd on our side stood up and cheered. We were on the WRONG side for Oxford! Every stared at us, even the cambridge guys with their powder blue blazer jackets on. (They were wearing vintage blazers from way back in the day) But it was pretty imbarrassing. Oh well we still didnt move and our favorite player for Oxford, Homer Sulliven, ran past our side of the stadium when we made him first goal so that was pretty exciting.

The game ended badly. Oxford lost and we were all pretty dissapointed...and very wet. A bunch of people wanted to go to the famous boat race against Cambridge and Oxford but it was so cold that I went home with some people (the majority of us left.) But from what I heard Oxford won the boat race!

The rest of my day included writing a 12 page paper for my Sociollogy class and bed.

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